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Atlantic Shore

Explore,  Release,  Shine

Chronic Stress?  Relationship Troubles?  Health Challenges?  Seeking Spiritual Support? 

       We often find ourselves frantically looking 'out there' for answers, quicks fixes, and for validation of our own self worth. As we begin to really look and feel within, we find our own story, woven into the fabric of our bodies. When we learn to soften into the places we resist, with compassion, gentleness, and acceptance, we begin to unravel parts of the story, leaving room for a deeper sense of peace, expansiveness, and love, to permeate the tapestry of our lives. 

       I am passionate about helping people to soften and grow, past places where they feel stuck, blocked, or resistant to change. To find real happiness and purpose in their lives.


What is IFS?

Sand Dunes
Image by Johannes Plenio

IFS, or Internal Family Systems, is a rapidly growing, evidence-based model of the human psyche.


We are invited to see our inner landscape as consisting of many different parts, or aspects, of what we call "I". This is our natural make-up, and in a balanced system, each part plays  a helpful role in our lives. 


As we move through life, many of these parts take on protective, limiting roles, in attempts to keep us safe and to protect deeper (often younger) parts, which may carry burdens such as shame, unworthiness, or fear. We begin to get curious about all of these parts, offering compassion, connection, and new pathways to finding more harmony within our systems.

This frees up our protective parts to do the jobs that they were meant to do, and allows us to connect with our true Selves, which carry unlimited compassion and curiosity. This Self energy within us is the key to navigating our own deep healing, and to bringing more balance and vitality in our day to day lives. I have found this work to be powerful, life and perspective altering, and in perfect alignment with everything else I have studied

What is EFT?

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping), is an energy based coaching method of working towards balancing the body's energy systems.


Stressful life events leave impacts on our bodies and belief systems, and we work to clear these imbalances and patterns by gently tapping on Chinese acupressure points on our own face and chest.

We thereby gain new perspectives, let go of old beliefs and patterns, and increase our tolerance for intense feelings. 

This is also a profound and effective tool for regulating highly charged emotions in the moment!

IFS Sessons

In these 60-75 minute sessions, we delve into an area/areas of your life where you would like to see changes.

These sessions are offered on Zoom in the privacy of your own home, or in person in Roberts Creek, BC, Canada.  

This is a collaborative journey. Ultimately this is your work; my role is to create and hold a safe space, and to offer guidance.

We dive with gentleness and compassion into the places and parts which are asking to be witnessed and unburdened. 


These are mainly IFS sessions, but at times I may integrate other somatic awareness techniques, such as visualization, EFT (tapping), and meditation.

Please indicate when booking if you would prefer an EFT specific session. 


- One session: $120-


Massage and Energy Work

Sand Dunes

Are you needing to relax, let go, and nurture yourself?



When we drop into our bodies and sensation, bring awareness to our breath, and soften into a safe place of quiet and surrender, we offer ourselves access to a deeply healing, rejuvenating place. 


Relax onto the table with a nourishing restorative massage. Focus and pressure are catered to what you are needing. I incorporate pressure points and elements of craniosacral therapy, leaving you deeply relaxed and connected to your body.   


- 60  min: $120,  75 min: $120,

90 min: $10 -

Energy Work

This is an energy based treatment, where you remain clothed on the table. I may use gentle touch, intuitive energy work, journeying, pressure points, and craniosacral techniques, as we see what unfolds.


- 45 mins, $80-

Massage and Energy Combination

If you are interested in energy work, but would also like the deep relaxation of an oil massage, this is the perfect combination of the two. We begin with an nourishing massage, and slowly move into an intuitive energy treatment. 


-  90 mins: $140 -

Meet Danica

Meet Danica

I am an IFS-Informed Practitioner, passionate about helping people to heal, grow, and become more connected to the wisdom and joy of their true selves. 


My personal studies and practices have included deep dives into Buddhism, meditation (retreats and daily practice), Shamanism, 5Rhythms dance, yoga, and mindfulness. I currently live on a beautiful property on the Sunshine Coast, BC, where I enjoy hiking, paddle boarding, dancing, walking my dog, and spending intimate time with my friends and family. 


I have many years of experience and training in massage, energy work, Craniosacral Therapy, shamanic journeying, somatic awareness techniques, EFT (tapping), and IFS. I am now working primarily with IFS, both as support staff with IFSCA and privately with my own clients.


I truly believe, from my own journey through debilitating anxiety, and from working with others, that we all have the capacity for immense healing and transformation. I offer a gentle presence, holds a clear, safe space, and guide you with compassion on an exploration of your inner world. 


This work can be profoundly life and perspective shifting, opening us to the playfulness, love, and confidence of our true selves. If you are struggling, seeking support and guidance, or simply curious to get to know yourself better, I would be honoured to be of service.



Sand Dunes

Danica is a gift. She is gentle, loving, and patient, and truly guides you to your heart. As she is a sensitive soul herself, she is compassionate and navigates healing using a gentle but effective approach. She has been a vital part of my healing. I cannot recommend her enough.

 - Sanaz


Danica approaches her work from a grounded and compassionate place. Each session I've had with her, I feel her intuition at play, as well as her intention to help my healing process. I have had the pleasure of  receiving both massage and EFT sessions from Danica, and each time I complete a treatment I feel like I've been seen and met by her, and I leave feeling more whole in myself. I highly recommend any treatment from Danica! - Julie



As soon as I hear Danica's voice my nervous system starts to settle. Her gentle grounded presence and intuition are her super powers. Danica is my number one go to for help when I'm struggling. Her decades of studying and practising different healing modalities has prepared her to be a next level IFS practitioner. I highly suggest working with Danica. - Mike


Danica is my go-to when I'm feeling stuck. Whether it's on the table with energy work and massage or an IFS session she takes me deep into myself to find answers and get things moving. - Nikki


Text: 604-993 - 1999


Address: 2976 Lower Road, Roberts Creek, BC, Canada

Contact me directly if you are interested in bodywork sessions, packages, or with any questions. IFS sessions can be booked online. Thank you! 

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